david saxe / photographer


I love watching people going about their business, walking, dreaming, loving, alone in their thoughts, and immune from the outside world—immersed in that special moment when they are in harmony with their surroundings, pure, naked, unaware and honest. Occasionally my photographs are absent of people, but hopefully there is still a personal presence to them, as if somebody was once there but has moved on. For me, both are the same.


Photographs are alive—magnetic, pulsating, passionate, and soulful—softly speaking to me in low whispering voices—telling me something about myself, or telling a story, or revealing to me something about what I am viewing. Never silent, photographs have rhythm, and movement—they are impulsive, personal, and spontaneous.


A scene unfolds, in a split-second it is frozen—captured, and then poof, it is gone,forever.


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